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  • (ua) Сім’я Кузнецових

    (ua) Зоряночка та Роман Михайлович, наша сім’я дуже вдячна вам за ваше терпіння, допомогу та професіоналізм! Ви найкращі у своїй справі! Дякуюємо, що допомогли нам придбати житло, хоча це було і не легко. Ви світлі, приємні, доброзичливі люди. Бажаємо вам всього найкращого і доброго і нехай ваше агенство “Княже місто” розширюється і процвітає.

  • Victor

    I had bought an apartment via estate agency “Kniazhe misto”. The work was very pleased, an agreement was safe and efficient. I recommend this agency to other.

  • Victoria

    I would like to sincerely thank real estate agency “Knyazhe misto” for a good work and good people.I am extremely happy that I chose you for this task.You are very-very cool. Thank you for doing this in such short terms. I rate your work as excellent.

  • Larysa

    Cooperation with the “Knyazhe misto” has left only pleasant impressions on me. Agencies staff is
    Open minded, fully developed, and knows its work. Buying an apartment took place quickly and without
    any problems. Thank you very much.

  • Rostislav Golovchuk


    I,Golovchuk Rostislav, am very pleased with the cooperation with the agency “Knyazhye misto” which helped me to buy a good apartment.